Preston DJ Speaks Out On The Lack Of Support For Nightlife Industry During COVID-19

Isaac Holden has spoken out about how the nightlife industry is struggling to cope with COVID-19 restrictions and how they have been left in the dark.

Isaac’s work as a DJ in Preston came to a grinding halt when the Coronavirus Pandemic began, all his gigs were cancelled and he was forced to look elsewhere to pay his bills.

He feels that the control has been taken away from people who work in the nightlife industry:

“I’ve been lucky enough to find another job bartending in a local Preston restaurant, maybe not as well paid or half as glamorous but money is money and with no places for DJ’s (or any performers for that matter) to perform at the present moment I knew I had to get a job to support myself.

“I think the most frustrating part is knowing that there’s nothing I can do, I know that if I do a bad job djing at a venue I don’t get invited back to perform but to have that control taken away from me leaves me and many others feeling extremely helpless and unwanted.”

Isaac at work Pre-Lockdown

Isaac wants people to understand the severity of the situation for people working in the nightlife industry and how they have been given very little support or any idea of when things will return to normal:

“We have been on our knees begging for help from the government to receive relatively nothing in return. The nightlife industry is the 5th biggest industry in the UK employing millions of people and generating billions of pounds of revenue each year.

“People need to realise the enormity of this situation now because a few months down the line, places like music venues, nightclubs and theatres will all be gone or worse, transformed into city centre flats. All I want to see is a plan and a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Many other sectors have seen their places of work re-open and been given road maps to how they can adapt to work around the threat of COVID but night-clubs and late-night venues have been left in the dark.”

He gives an important message about why people should support the industry before it is all lost:

“As anyone knows if you can’t make money your business folds, that’s a fact but the consistent denial by the government to help these venues is deafening. I hope with all my heart that every venue makes it through but as we’ve seen many other venues across the UK it’s looking more and more unlikely.

“If I can say one thing it’s that nightclubs, venues, theatres, performance spaces and art displays need your support now more than ever if we don’t protect our culture now there will be nothing left to salvage at the end of this. If you are an artist keep creating more than ever, make your voices heard and do not lose hope because one day we will dance again.”

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