Preston Group Completes Gruelling Five Day Cycle To Raise Money For Baby Bonnie-Lyn’s Stem Cell Treatment

Byron Highton and his team completed the 300-mile challenge to raise money for Bonnie-Lyn Cushnaghan to have stem cell treatment.

Bonnie-Lyn was born 13 weeks prematurly and has had numoures health complications since. She has Down’s syndrome, was starved of oxygen and has spent eight months in and out of hospitals having many operations.

Mark Pugh, John Newsham and Adam Bossons joined the knife crime speaker on the five-day cycle to support Bonnie.

The challenge was tough from the get-go and the weather made it even harder for Byron and his team:

“It was very tough, on the first day it rained the whole time from when we set off until we finished six hours later. It did not stop and at some points, we couldn’t even see. We thought at some points if we could really do it if it was like this every day.

“We soldiered on and got the first day done. Luckily the rest of the week we had the weather on our side. It was gruelling doing five and a half hours riding every day, at times it was hell but at the same time, it was so enjoyable. It was so mentally draining yet rewarding knowing we were helping Bonnie.”

Apart from the weather, everything else went to plan and the boys made it most of the way there before having to stop for a punctured tire:

“We had one puncture and that was when we were in Luton which was the last stop. Over 250 miles before we had a puncture which is not bad, John did fall off his bike when his shoe clips stuck to his peddle but everything else went to plan.”

Many community groups, restaurants and people wanting to help all chipped in and donated equipment to make the cycling challenge possible:

“We got everything donated, we got all our food donated from Preston-Here For Humanity, we had hot meals donated by The Pattie Shack. We had all the bikes we used donated, in less than two months the community came together and donated all the equipment we needed.”

Byron is very passionate about helping those in need and is already planning another even bigger challenge for next year:

“If we can do all this in two months, next time we do even better. We are already planning our next one now which we think is going to be London to Dover, Dover to France and then to Disneyland Paris.

“We are hoping to send a young child that is at the end of life on a dream holiday before they pass on. If I can do it, anyone can, but this is what we are doing now with the JJ Effect and it’s going to be a yearly thing trying to help in any way we can.”

The Woodland Realm Tattoo Lounge held a raffle which helped push Byron and his team’s fundraising total to £2000.

Bonnie-Lyn’s mum has a personal fundraiser which still needs help reaching the target for her to have the stem cell treatment. You can help her by donating here.

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