Preston City Council Will Work With Faith & Community Groups To Feed Families During Half-Term

Preston City Council has declared they will continue to work with community groups to feed children after the Government rejects a plan to provide school meals during half term.

A Preston City Council spokesman said:

Following the decision in Parliament this week we’ll continue to work with community and faith groups to support struggling families through #PrestonTogether our community hub.

There are 20 holiday markets who are aiming to provide over 14,000 meals during the holidays.

There are also 8 food banks, 5 food pantries, and 4 community hot meal schemes operating during the week.

We have also teamed up with local community groups Intact on Thrifty Kitchen, a scheme to help families with cooking on a budget.

Leader of the Council, Matthew Brown, added:

“We continue to work with faith and community groups to support struggling families in Preston and are grateful for their help and generosity.“If you or someone you know is struggling please get in touch.”

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