Preston Woman Passionate About Mental Health Takes On Marathon Running Challenge

Rachel Lang wants to raise awareness of poor mental health whilst supporting Rethink Mental Illness by running a marathon in a month.

Rethink Mental Illness is a national mental health charity which has been supporting people’s mental wellbeing for almost 50 years.

Rachel chose the charity because of her passion for mental wellbeing and helping mental illness suffers:

“I chose Rethink Mental Illness because I am passionate about helping to break down stigmas surrounding mental illness, I have witnessed first hand the impact which Covid has had on a heck of a lot of peoples wellbeing. I am currently hoping to recruit into the army as a mental health nurse working with soldiers who have Mental illness such as PTSD.

“I have worked over the past few years with people who have been suicidal, lost someone to suicide, or had other “illness of the mind” including Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Dementia etc.”

There has been an amazing response to Rachel’s fundraiser as she has already doubled her target:

“Before I started the challenge I was incredibly nervous. I almost bottled it, and if I hadn’t already received sponsors I probably would have cancelled. I am overwhelmed with the support from my friends and family.

“My original target was £75 which has now been doubled! I am starting to feel the benefits both physically and mentally of getting fresh air every day and I am now super pleased that I began the campaign.”

She will have some extra miles to run as she pledged to run an extra mile for every £10 donated, at the time of writing, £150 has been donated.

“After the loneliness of lockdown (not just for me, but for everyone) it is inspiring that so many people are socially distanced running with me. I have rekindled friendships with people whom I haven’t seen for years. The charity Rethink advertise this particular campaign on their website.

“I felt this would be a good way to combine my need to get fit along with raising awareness about the devastating impact poor mental health can have on a person overall.”

You can help Rachel raise as much as possible for Rethink Mental Illness by donating to her Justgiving page here.

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