Young Preston Mum With Rare Cancer Is Desperate To Watch Daughter Grow Up

Kim Fletcher is raising money to fund a trip to America to get treatment for Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare tissue cancer that affects 1% of adults.

The 23-year old’s life came to a halt in August this year when she was told she had the rare tissue disease which meant she had to start having chemotherapy treatment almost immediately.

The mum from Leyland had not long finished her qualifications so she could become a residential care worker for children with difficult behaviours.

She had been doing that job for six months but her tumour became worse and she collapsed out side of work.

Kim and her family were left devastated after receiving the shocking news, a doctor described her condition as a ‘Ticking Bomb’:

“I was a normal typical mum, working full time as a carer, taking care of family life at home and suddenly everything just completely changed for me and my family. In August 2020, we received the news that I had been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, this is a rare tissue disease found in only 1% of the adult population.

“My tumour was/is aggressive and once spread will be completely incurable. The Doctor described this as a ticking bomb and once it goes off there isn’t any going back.”

The chemotherapy treatment took its toll on Kim’s body and she had to look at other options after it was not working:

“Chemotherapy was put into place but we have been advised that this is not shrinking the cancer enough. All chemotherapy has now come to a halt. This has already caused me to lose all of my hair, my mobility is limited, nothing much is the same as it was before chemotherapy started. It took so much away from me.

“The next step is complete reconstructive and disfigurement surgery with a minimum of 12 hours on the table, with bones from my leg replacing bones in my face that will need to be removed.”

The young mum is now raising money for a trip to America after hearing about alternative treatments which could save her but will be very costly:

“After doing hours, days and weeks of research, I have found alternative treatments but they are in the USA. It’s something that just simply cannot be afforded by me or my family but it’s also my lifeline. I may be catching at straws trying to raise this money but I will try anything to save my life.

“I don’t want to write a bucket list, I want to be around to watch my girl grow up, marry the man of my dreams & live a healthy life.”

Kim has remained very strong and resilient since her diagnosis and is determined that she will find a way through it:

“I’d like to say that my story is just like many others but it isn’t. it’s been made very clear to us that I’m quite literally ONE in a million to end up with this type of disease. If there is a way then I will find it. I see hope for the first time since my diagnosis, even though I’m so far away from where I need to be.”

You can help Kim get to America for her treatment by donating to her GoFundme page here.

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