Soup Kitchen Which Fed The Homeless Since 2016 Is Now Providing Hot Meals For School Children

Ammy’s Soup Kitchen is a voluntary charity which has been providing hot meals for homeless and is helping to feed children over half term.

The family-run soup kitchen was set up by Amritpal Singh with the help of his son’s Hazzara Singh and Gurdass Singh.

Together they have been supporting anyone in need including the homeless, key workers and now school children.

Hazzara explains how the charity was founded:

“My father, the Founder, known as Ammy Singh, created Ammy’s Soup Kitchen in 2016. We started on the Preston Market in Town, providing 50-100 hot meals and food parcels for free to the homeless, less fortunate and anyone in need every Sunday and not to forget every Christmas!”

When the Coronavirus Pandemic began, Ammy and his family decided to support key workers in Preston who were helping keep the city going:

“During the beginning of the COVID-19 Lockdown, we were providing 250/300 hot meals and food parcels weekly to key workers such as the Fire and Ambulance service, Whitburn Hotel where the homeless are currently residing, Mill Bank Wellbeing Centre, Emmaus, Iceland The Food Warehouse staff, Tesco staff and anyone else in need of a meal.

“We have donated chip shop Sausages from the Stripe pig company & beans, mash gravy from Fairshare, not to forget Holland donating their pies and Alston dairy donating yoghurts.”

More recently they started a project to ensure school children in Preston had a hot meal over half term:

“We thought of a project to contact many local chippies & cafes around the Preston area to provide hot school meals for the kids over half term so they won’t go without a meal. We donated to businesses such as Ships & giggles, I’m hungry, Jit’s Plaice, Andreas Fish & chips & many more so they could provide meals for the children on our behalf.”

The Soup Kitchen is funded by Ammy and his family along with donations by the community, they have created a GoFundme page to help them carry on supporting the less fortnure or anyone in need:

“It’s been a pleasure to do this since day one and it takes a lot of time and preparation to put things in place as we also run a business & have family members who work full time. The charity is funded from our own pockets & kind donations by the community!”

You can help Ammy’s Soup Kitchen keep providing hot meals for anyone in need in Preston by donating to their GoFundme page here.

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