Fireworks Display Will Be Seen All Over Longridge To Raise Money For NHS Charity

William Pye LTD is helping local families celebrate bonfire night from the safety of their own home whilst supporting NHS Charities Together.

William Pye and his partner, Hazel Carter, have organised a fireworks display for all of Longridge.

The display will be set off from one of the highest parts of the area so that it can be seen from all over, they wanted local people to still be able to enjoy the night whilst still adhering to social distancing.

Hazel explains where the idea came from for a socially distanced fireworks display:

“We were talking about how sad it will be this for the children because they wouldn’t be able to go to fireworks displays. We came up with an idea, with William having that spot that is one of the highest spots in Longridge if we set some off from there people would see them locally.

“We saw on the TV about families not being to celebrated things and we just thought we might be able to spread a little bit of happiness. After we got the idea, the lockdown came in but with us all from the same household, we feel that we can cover it safely.”

They thought they could make the event even better by using it as chance to raise some money for a very worthy cause:

“It has grown from there and we decided to make it a charity event because the NHS is doing an amazing job at the minute, we thought it was a nice charity to choose. It has continued to grow, we got a bit carried away and spent a fortune on fireworks because we thought that they need to be big enough for people to stay home and see them.”

William’s yard where the fireworks will be set off from

The couple has prepared local residents incase they have any pets that may be spooked by the fireworks:

“We are concerned about dogs and other animals that might be scared by them so we have ensured that people nearby are aware of the times that it will be going off, we opted for earlier for any younger children that aren’t in bed yet and were not waking them up.

“It should last for around 35 minutes, maybe a bit longer because we aren’t professionals but we have been shown how to do it safely. We are aiming to spread them far and wide for everyone to see.”

You can donate to help William and Hazel raise as much as possible for NHS Charites Together by donating here.

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