Lancashire Personal Trainer Raising Money For Local Foodbank With Free Online Classes

James Sunderland is helping the county stay fit from home with free online classes that are supporting the Ribble Valley Foodbank.

The mobile personal trainer is encouraging all the family to get involved and take part in his free online fitness class which is streamed live on his Facebook page throughout November.

Rather than charge for the classes, he is asking for donations to his fundraising page which is supporting the Ribble Valley Foodbank.

The foodbank has been busier than ever recently supporting the vulnerable and people in need in the area, they are also collecting food donations to make and send out Christmas food parcels.

James decided to put on the free classes when the country went back into a national lockdown:

“When the first lockdown happened, I started doing some free online classes and had lots of comments offering to pay but I didn’t feel right taking money because I didn’t think it was appropriate at that time. Since then we came back for a brief period but had to stop again and in the back of my mind I have wanted to do something for charity for a while and it’s not the first time I used my PT classes for charity so I thought ‘why not?'”

The dad from Lancashire wanted to support the food bank because he was concerned about families not having enough food and how the pandemic has affected them:

“I had a look around for what charity to support and with having children myself, the thought of families struggling without food at this time or anytime for that matter, I just don’t think its an option, it should not be a thing. Even more so with the pandemic and people having work difficulties, I think it’s just the right thing to do.

“To give something back and help anyone in the community who might be struggling. People are going to get fit and hopefully have fun doing it, maybe spend time with the people you live with and do it together and raise money for a good cause, I think it’s a win-win situation all around.”

James gives a little taste of what people can expect if they are thinking of taking part in his class, he puts an emphasis on everyone having fun and getting anyone you live with involved:

“Its all bodyweight, there is no equipment needed. You just need somewhere comfy to lie down and do core and ab exercises, maybe a chair for tricep exercises. It is all short bursts of up to 30 seconds with rest in between, high-intensity interval training.”

“Hopefully, it will be fun and it might be even more entertaining than I had planned on because my children have been getting involved, my eldest girl joined in last time and that went down really well, it was nice to spend a little time with her doing something different and she loved it.

“My youngest who is two years old is also around so I have no idea how it will go, it could be chaos but if people laugh, smile and get involved and raise some money for a good cause then that’s the main thing for me.”

If you would like to join in with James’s classes, then check out his Facebook page here for any more information.

James wants to raise £100 for the Ribble Valley foodbank by the end of the month, you can help him by donating to his fundraising page here.

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