Maisie’s Haircut For Local Hospice In Memory Of Late Auntie

A young Preston girl is donating 16 inches of her hair to Little Princess Trust whilst raising money for St.Catherine’s who looked after her auntie.

10-year-old Maisie will be having her first big haircut ever because she wanted to raise money for the hospice that cared for her auntie who sadly passed away this year.

She will be losing 16 inches of hair which will be donated to the Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss.

Maisie’s mum, Caroline Hankey, explains how her daughter was that eager to raise money for a good cause that wanted to shave all her hair off completely:

“My sister Sharon, Maisie’s auntie, was diagnosed with cancer back in March. She sadly passed away at St.Catherine’s in August. She lost all of her hair so we had a conversation about it and Maisie wanted to shave all her own hair off to match her auntie Sharon but Sharon said ‘Hell no, you’re not doing that’,

“That’s how we got on the conversation about that and because her hair is so long she could donate it to the Little Princess Trust to get made into wigs. She thought it was a good idea and kept mentioning it every now and then but I wanted to wait until she was absolutely certain because it would be taking a lot off.”

Maisie was certain that she wanted to follow in her auntie’s footsteps and raise some money for the hospice that has also cared for Caroline and Sharon’s uncle:

“When Sharon passed that’s when Maisie said that she was certain that she wanted to do it and try to raise money for St.Catherine’s. Last year, my uncle died and Sharon raised money for St.Catherine’s climbing the O2.

“We had the conversation then about raising money for St.Catherine’s because they look after poorly people and Maisie wanted to do it herself. She’s nervous but she is excited, it is a whole ten years of hair she will be cutting off, she has only ever had little trims.”

Maisie’s hair is very important to her but she hasn’t looked back once:

“I’m unbelievably proud, I know how much she loves her hair, its a big part of her and everywhere we go it gets commented on. I and her dad are so unbelievably proud of her and so are all of the family.”

Maisie admits that she is slightly nervous to lose some of her hair:

“I am nervous but excited and hope I can raise lots of money for the hospice and I hope a little girl or boy will be happy with my hair made into a wig for them. I have never really had a big haircut apart from little trims, so this is 10 years’ worth of hair.”

You can help Maisie raise as much as possible for St.Catherines by donating to her JustGiving page here.

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