How Facebook Helped A Young Preston Boy Reconnect With His Dad In ICU

Charlie recorded himself singing and needed the help of Facebook to get the video to his dad who recently had a stroke and was in ICU in hospital.

The young boy from Preston wasn’t allowed to go see his dad, David, due to COVID-19 restrictions, so he filmed himself singing his mum and dad’s favourite song and tried to find a way to get the video to his dad.

The family have been left devastated by 44-year-old David’s sudden stroke which has left him in the hospital since early October.

Charlie’s mum, Kathryn Crichton, explains how quickly it all happened and how she was told that David might not survive:

“On the 10th October, David suffered a huge bleed to his brain, he just fell off the bed onto the floor at 11:30 pm. He couldn’t talk, was shaking and couldn’t move any of his right side and I knew it was a stroke. A nurse and doctor told me he had suffered a huge bleed and they didn’t think he would survive and I was told to say my goodbyes before they attempted to try and save his life with surgery. I will never forget that night. David was my total hero and we have never been apart in 18 years.”

David with his sons

David had surgery to remove a piece of skull to release the brain from swelling and they removed the bleed. He was then put in a coma and ventilated.

He then had to have another surgery and was on a ventilator for 2 weeks before becoming more stable and moved to a Neurological ward.

He could no longer talk or move any of his right side. Due to COVID-19, his family were unable to visit him during this time for six weeks.

Whilst his dad was in the hospital, Charlie decided to make a video of himself singing his mum and dads favourite song. He wanted his mum to share the video in the hope it would reach his dad:

“Charlie made me this video as a surprise as it’s mine and my husband’s song and he said he did it for me as David always says when he leaves the house look after Mum”

Kathryn put the video out on Facebook and it received an overwhelming response of people wanting to help. The video was shared before eventually reaching David.

The whole situation has been very tough on the family but David is making progress slowly and they are hoping to rehabilitate him:

“Our world has been turned upside down and me and my children are devastated and miss him so much. It was so emotional in every way, he was frail-looking and sad but he held my hand tight and looked at me, I could see everything in his eyes.

“He has always been my strong man who did everything for me and the kids so it’s heartbreaking to see him like this but we will both fight as hard as we can.”

Kathryn hopes the help of a private rehabilitation team could make all the difference for David:

“David is in a very low mood and rehabilitation is slow and limited. He would greatly benefit from intense therapy from a private rehabilitation team but as David can no longer work we just don’t have the funds and I will be his full-time carer.

“David is the loveliest and strongest man and we just want him back, we know he may never be the same David but he deserves to live a quality life.”

Kathryn has created a Gofundme page with the hope of raising enough money to pay for private rehabilitation care for David. You can help them raise as much as possible by donating here.

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