Learner Driver Caught On M55 At 104 MPH

Police have stopped a driver on the M55 after being more than 30 miles over the speed limit.

The learner driver clocked more than 100mph on the M55 in a Recault Clio when he was stopped on Friday.

Officers recorded him travelling down the motorway in adverse weather conditions and stopped him for speeding.

Officers stopped the driver and found out that he was only a provisional license holder, meaning that he was not displaying L plates and was taken instruction lessons from his qualified girlfriend.

The driver and his girlfriend have been reported and will appear in court.

Lancs Road Police tweeted: “Renault Clio stopped M55 this morning at 104mph in adverse weather conditions. Driver transpired to be a provisional licence holder under instruction from his qualified girlfriend without L plates and on the motorway! Both reported for summons #noneedtospeed #roadsafetyweek2020”

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