Electric Fireplace Trends In 2020

Every year, we see new trends takeover what once was a must-have style. Interior designs are constantly changing and evolving with time, and this is the same with electric fireplaces. Professionals are constantly trying to improve previous designs to suit the changing and evolving technology.

Since their introduction, fireplaces have improved dramatically over the years. No longer are they there to keep us warm, they’re also a staple and focal point of a room with their stunning and intricate designs. Take a look at what trends 2020 has seen for electric fireplaces.

Dimplex Ashington Electric Fire in Marble Fireplace with Lights, Southport, Merseyside


Realism is a huge feature in electric fireplaces this year. They’re beautifully enhance the realistic effects of coal and logs adding a beautiful glow to the warmth they spread. Not only are they efficient, they are also highly aesthetically pleasing for any room.

The flames in a selection of electric fires look more real than real flames! They are created to move and behave real flames in the open air. Some models even allow for the colours to be adjusted creating a truly unique flickering effect you will love.

Glassy Element

Many fireplaces today feature anti-reflective glass panels, which makes them look much more open to the room. It’s the realism effect many want to create, creating a truly beautiful fireplace. A 2-sided see-through fireplace feature is just the element that can transform a room into a relaxing, cosy space.

See-through vertical fireplaces are a great choice for the kitchen or smaller living space, as they don’t take up too much space, but still have that fantastic wow factor.

At The Fire Barn, we offer a fantastic variety of electric fireplaces in an array of styles and designs to suit all manners of tastes. Whatever you are looking for, you are assured there’s plenty of choice with us.

Take a closer look at what we have available with our impressive displays in our huge showroom. We offer a comfortable, relaxed and pressure free environment, so you can enjoy and wander our showroom at your own pace. Featured are fireplace ideas created by our own in-house team made from various materials including limestone, slate, sandstone, reclaimed brick and Yorkstone.

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