Preston Hub’s 12 Charities Of Xmas – Cancer Help Preston

Cancer Help is a charity that provides support to cancer patients, their families and carers through the impact of cancer diagnosis.

Since 1989, the charity which is based at two support centres, Vine House in Preston and Croston House in Garstang, has been caring for cancer sufferers and those around them who have been affected.

Like many other charities this year, Cancer Help has felt the strain of lack of fundraising from the cancellation of big events.

Sue Kraft, complementary therapy lead at Cancer Help, explains how the charity is working very hard to still provide its services whilst many of their staff have been furloughed:

“We are literally running on very skeleton staff but we have got two councillors coming in and two complementary therapists doing actual face to face work safely within the guidelines. we have managed to stay open throughout with the counselling service although a lot has been done remotely.”

The real test for the charity has been coping with the closure of their charity shops which bring in a significant amount of income for the charity:

“The biggest problem we have had is fundraising, our shops had to close and we rely on them for a chunk of our income to keep the charity going. When they could reopen, a lot of the volunteers were of a certain age and were too vulnerable to work in the shops at that time.

“Of course, all of our fundraising events were cancelled so it has been a big challenge to keep the charity going but we have survived.”

Cancer Help Preston launched a Justgiving appeal earlier on in the year to help with the loss in fundraising, you can donate here if you would like to support the cancer charity.

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