Young Preston Boy With Autism Raises £5000 for A Local Food Bank

Joshua and his family have been on a mission since the first lockdown to help as many people as possible and make sure no one goes hungry.

The nine-year-old from Preston was worked tirelessly fundraising to support local food banks and schools.

Joshua’s mum, Nicola Blackwell, explains how it all got started and why he wanted to help:

“Joshua has autism, ADHD and odd. He decided back in March that he wanted to raise money for the food bank because he had seen on the news there children were going without food and he wanted to help. It just went from there, he was just collecting food at first and taking down to the food bank.

“He said that it wasn’t enough because a lot more people still needed food. He wanted to raise money so started doing cake sales and lemonade stands, he then started doing online raffles and in the end, he raised £5000 for the New Day Food Bank.”

The Preston boy has also been working hard with the help of his siblings to buy school equipment to ease the pressure on local parents:

“Because he’s got autism, he is so determined. It’s in his head, that’s what he wants to do and that’s what will get done. He is raising money at the minute for bikes at his school for the children. The school have appealed for 12 bikes.

“He only started that in December and he’s already purchased three bikes, four helmets and some shinpads, he is doing so well, I am really proud of him. His siblings have helped him making the cakes and sell them, they are all so good.

“In September, they sent in over £200 worth of stationary to local schools so that children had scientific calculators, food tech equipment, anything that parents might not be able to afford. They’ve bought uniforms for children. We did toys at Christmas, we got over £500 worth of toys which were sent to food banks or families that needed them.”

Joshua is currently fundraising to buy bikes for a local school, find out how you can help on his Facebook page here.

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