Preston Community Group Hosting ‘Brew Monday’ to Connect With Local People

Preston’s Voice is a volunteer group that is hosting an online event to check in with people and see how they are coping during the lockdown.

Traditionally the 3rd Monday in January is called Blue Monday. The Samaritans are calling the day Brew Monday to encourage everyone to reach out to people by virtually meeting up for a chat with a brew.

The Preston group is using the day as a chance to connect with people in the local community and check in with them.

Julie Lightfoot, a volunteer at Preston’s Voice, explains why the group wanted to get involved:

“The third week in January is a time when a lot of people feel a little deflated after the Christmas and New Year Period, so the Samaritans said instead of Blue Monday, it should be Brew Monday and a chance to talk to people and connect with them.

“A lot of people are on their own at the moment and there is an increase in people feeling lonely and bit down. We have been wanting to put some kind of event on but obviously can’t at the moment so we thought about doing an online event. We thought it would be a good thing to do to connect with people on that day.”

The group hopes that it will be chance for people to have a chat and get anything off their chest:

“We have arranged it to be an hour and people can just meet us virtually, have a brew and a chat. It is a chance for people to meet our volunteers and check in on how people are coping during the lockdown, hopefully, it can be a chance for people to support one another and for people in the community to connect.”

Preston’s Voice was created recently by a group of volunteers who were previously involved with Podio Preston magazine. They started the group to promote inspiring, motivating, feel-good stories and positive news from the people of Preston:

“We are all about promoting positivity and feel-good stories in Preston, we are not a business organisation or a charity, we are just a small local community group with different volunteers. we want to help individuals, groups and businesses connect and to motivate and share feel-good stories.

If you would like to join in with the Preston’s Voice Brew Monday, check out the event page here. For any more information about Preston’s Voice, visit their Facebook here.

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