Preston Woman Takes On Running Challenge For Cancer Research In Memory Of Late Dad

Viki Ashman and her boyfriend Owen decided to take on the running challenge during lockdown to support a cause very close to their hearts.

They will be running 56 miles throughout February to raise money for Cancer Research, Viki tragically lost her father to cancer at a young age.

The couple felt motivated to take on the challenge after hearing the news of another lockdown:

“I think as lockdown number 3 was announced we were both feeling quite down (alongside the majority of people in the UK) and when I saw this challenge on Facebook – I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to turn this lockdown into a positive experience and achieve something for a charity very close to my heart.”

Viki and her Dad

She wanted to support the charity in the hope of helping others who have been affected by cancer:

“Fundraising and donations have decreased for Cancer Research since Covid hit. This resonated with me because the amount of people being impacted by Cancer every day has not decreased. My personal reasons for choosing Cancer Research is due to the fact I lost my dad when I was only 12 years old. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given initially 24 hours to live. He fought the odds but unfortunately lost his battle 18 months after his prognosis.

“I miss him every day and wish he could be here to see all the milestones I’ve achieved and will go on to achieve in my life. So the money we raise will hopefully contribute towards the fact that one day other people will not have to face the same grief that I and so many others have. People won’t have loved ones taken away from them before their time.”

Despite the bad weather and the couple both having recently had Covid-19, they are feeling confident about completing the challenge:

“We are nervous but feeling motivated. We have planned how much we are going to need to run on different days – we both work full time so are going to be doing long distances on the weekend and shorter runs during the week. We did do bits of running during the first lockdown but nothing as hard going and full-on as this.

“Alongside the colder/ rainy weather conditions making running more difficult, we both had covid at the beginning of this month so that did take a toll on our fitness levels. We are feeling very determined that we will achieve the distance (and potentially more)!! We will be posting regular updates, pictures and screenshots of our runs on our fundraising page if anyone would be interested in watching our progress!!”

You can help Viki and Owen raise as much as possible for Cancer Research by donating to their fundraising page here.

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