Preston Woman Smashes Fundraising Target On 100 Mile Running Challenge For Local Hospice

Sue Brooks completed her 100-mile running challenge early and ran an extra 30 miles whilst going sober to raise money for St.Catherine’s Hospice.

She took on the challenge of Dry and Red January, which meant she had to run 100 miles in a month whilst giving up alcohol.

Sue reflects on how the challenge went and how much progress she made since taking it on:

“Well, what a month it’s been. When I started my running challenge on the 1st January, I had very little miles in my legs as I’d totally lost my motivation leading up to Christmas. I thought I was really going to struggle as I’ve never run everyday for such a long period of time before.

“Running every day to complete a minimum of 100 miles along with committing to dry January seemed like a silly idea at the time but I have to be honest and say I’ve completely enjoyed it and have found it far easier than I thought I would, especially with the challenges of lockdown and working from home.”

Sue did have some help along the way, her one-year-old Sprollie, Bruno, loved to keep her company during some of the runs:

“Bruno has loved getting out and about with me although he’s not been with me every day. He goes to daycare a couple of afternoons a week and tots up around 15 miles whilst he’s playing with his doggy friends so he gets a day off running those days but he really doesn’t like being left behind.”

Sue’s Sprollie, Bruno

Sue and Bruno worked so hard during January that they covered 30 extra miles and surpassed the orignial fundraisng target of £250:

“We managed to complete our 100-mile challenge on Sunday 24th January with a week to spare. That meant 7 bonus runs left to do. By the end of the month, we had covered a total of £130 miles. The level of support we have had from friends and family has been absolutely amazing.

“Our current fundraising total for St Catherine’s Hospice is £360 which is just brilliant and so much appreciated I really can’t thank everyone enough. I didn’t expect to reach anywhere near that amount but everyone has been so generous.”

She is now looking ahead to her next goal which is to complete the London Marathon:

“Now it’s onto the next challenge. Now I’ve got my running mojo back I decided to start Marathon training. London Marathon ballot results have just been announced and although I was unsuccessful in a place in the main event I have signed up to the virtual event being run on the same day.”

You can still donate to help Sue raise as much as possible for St Catherine’s Hospice by donating to her Justgiving page here.

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