Knife Crime Speaker Dedicates Annual Charity Bike Ride To Young Mum Battling Cancer

Byron Highton and his team will be taking on a five-day 300-mile cycle from Preston To London, this time to raise money for Kim Fletcher.

Kim has been battling a rare form of cancer for many months, called Spindle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma found in only 1% of the adult population.

5 months ago, Kim was told that she wouldn’t make it past 6 months, it was then that she started to fight for other options.

She has undergone life-changing major surgery to remove her tumour which had to go through private oncologists to agree to this, along with many cycles of chemotherapy to which the cancer is resistant too.

Back in October 2020, Byron and his team at the JJ Effect who deliver hard-hitting anti-knife crime and child protection talks decided to cycle from Preston to London to raise money for Bonnie-Lyn Cushnaghan.

The young Preston girl needed stem cell treatment as she was born 13 weeks prematurely and has had numerous health complications.

They have decided to take on the challenge once again this year as it went so well:

“Last year, we did the cycle for Bonnie to get stem cell treatment and it was fantastic, we raised about £3000. Because that went so well, we decided that the JJ Effect would be doing charity events all year round. We have loads of little events planned but the main one is always going to be the bike ride,

“It’s just such a big challenge, the length of the journey alone, its five days and 300 miles and was a lot tougher than I expected but absolutely one of the best things I’ve done in my life. When we handed the money over to the family it was amazing and I felt like I had found another passion amongst anti-knife crime and child protection.”

Byron and his team completeing last year’s cycle

Byron asked his followers on social media about who should benefit from this year’s fundraising and there was an overwhelming response:

“I put the word out there that we are going to do the ride again and I must have got at least 50 messages saying ‘Kim, it has to be Kim’ so I spoke to her and she was over the moon, she got a little upset but was really happy.

“So that was it decided and we then got the ball rolling. We only created the fundraiser this week but we are just trying to get the word out there as the more funds we raise, the more chance we have of helping Kim.”

The team spoke about doing a different challenge this year but they found that cycling 300 miles over five days was such a tough yet rewarding test that they will give it another go:

“With how successful last years trip was, how gruelling it was and what an eye-opener it was to how difficult a long-distance ride like that can be, we just decided to do it again. It worked perfect, it was difficult and we proved that a community can come together and do such a tremendous challenge.

“We had other ideas floating about but we thought why fix something if it is not broke. I can’t tell you how excited I am to do it again, every day we would hit the halfway point and everyone was just like ‘Wow this is hard!’, some of them long country roads can go on for like six hours, it’s like never-ending torture but we are looking forward to it.”

You can donate here to help the JJ Effect reach its fundraising target of £4000 for Kim.

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