Kim And Zoe Are Donating Gift Sets To Care Homes While Raising Money For Cancer Research

Kim Winder wanted to do something to cheer up elderly residents of local care homes who may be feeling lonely so she is hoping to donate gift sets.

She is appealing for donations to help purchase the gift sets which will be handed out to the residents of care homes around Preston.

Kim wanted to support the local community and felt the elderly deserved some cheering up:

“Last week was the Random Act Of Kindness Week. I wanted to do something and give back to our community. There has been a lot of focus on other organisations. I feel like the elderly have been overlooked somewhat. Their whole lives have changed.

“They have gone from seeing loved ones regularly to not at all. I would love to put a smile on their faces to let them know that they have not been forgotten. In order to do this I need help haha.

“If I am able to provide this to one nursing home there will be nothing stopping me to do more. My aim is to provide more nursing homes with gifts for their residents.”

Kim is a Body Shop At Home Consultant in Ashton, she and a fellow consultant called Zoe will be ordering the gift sets through their business but all commission earned will be donated to Cancer Research:

“Currently it will be a small hand cream and a bar of soap. At the moment I didn’t want to set my sights too high. I will be ordering through the body shop as that is my business.


“All commission I earn off the sales will be donated to charity as I do not want to benefit from this. The nursing home that has been chosen this time is Bethany House. The charity that I will be donating to is Cancer Research. I have been using my personal PayPal so it is separate from my bank account.”

You can help Kim and Zoe give out as many gift sets as possible to local care home residents by donating on PayPal to

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