Lostock Hall Academy Offering School Leavers The Chance For A Career In Boxing

A boxing club is offering school leavers the opportunity to join the 2021/22 MTK Academy and gain qualifications and potentially become a pro-boxer.

MTK Manchester, based on Brownedge Road, Lostock Hall, is hoping to give some kids in Preston the chance to have a career in boxing

The academy is for people aged 16-18 and it combines boxing, coaching and fitness with an emphasis on education and gaining a range of sporting qualifications.

Michelle Nicholson, Boxing Coach and Manager at MTK Manchester, explains what school leavers can achieve by joining the academy:

“This is an academy for school leavers, it is a mixture of class work and boxing training. They can potentially get a career as a pro boxer or a career in boxing being a coach, cuts man etc,

“Or they can use there qualifications to be a fully qualified Personal Trainer. It gives the kids opportunities to gain qualifications whilst learning a new skill and doing something they enjoy.

“They will get so many opportunities including a career in boxing and even A-Levels and or qualifications at there level. They even get to re sit there English and maths if needed.”

The academy was launched last year and despite some setbacks due to the Corona virus Pandemic, it has still been a big success:

“We are currently in the middle of our first year and even though we have had COVID-19 to deal with the students have done great and are still enjoying the course.

“The educational side is done by a governed government educational body called SCL and we provide the classroom and boxing training.”

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Sandra Vaughan, CEO of MTK Global, commented on what is so important about the academy:

“What is so crucial about this new mechanism is that it encourages youngsters to continue learning both inside and outside the ring.

“Now, pursuing excellence as a boxer and continuing to study are no longer so mutually exclusive and we hope to continue to break down those barriers to aspiring fighters targeting self-improvements in a variety of areas.

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For any more information about the MTK Academy, you can check out their website here, or if you would like to apply, visit the SCL website here.

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