Keep Safe On The Roads This Winter

Throughout recent weeks, we’ve seen a lot of snow throughout the UK. Although this is a beautiful sight, it causes many problems for drivers to face. Snowy conditions can make driving a real challenge for motorists and can lead easily lead to an accident if your concentration levels are low.

Driving on snow is dangerous, and it’s important to prepare yourself so you can keep you and your car safe this winter.

Plan Before Your Journey

It is important to plan your journey before setting off. This allows you more time to discover the safest route to allow your journey to be as smooth as possible. Giving yourself more time also enables you to clear car windows, mirrors, lights, the top of your roof of snow before setting off and de-ice your windscreen to keep you safe.

How to Drive Safely in the Snow

There are many steps to take to drive safely in the snow. Take a look at a breakdown of these easy to follow steps below:

  1. Wear comfortable and dry footwear
  2. Accelerate gently and change up to a higher gear as quickly as possible
  3. Move off in second gear as this will help reduce wheel slip
  4. Get your speed right and maintain safe stopping distances between you and the car in front
  5. Prepare for an uphill by leaving plenty of room in front so you can maintain a constant speed without the need for changing gear
  6. Use a low gear for going downhill and try to avoid braking unless necessary
  7. When approaching a bend, brake before you actually start to turn the steering wheel
  8. If you do encounter a skid, steer gently into it. Do not take your hands off the steering wheel or stamp your foot on the brakes
  9. When driving in heavy snow, make sure that you use your dipped headlights
  10. If visibility drops below a 100m, put your fog lights on
  11. If the road has not been gritted, be wary of driving in the wheel tracks as they are likely to be more icy than fresh snow
  12. Controls such as the brakes, as well as the steering, accelerator and even gear changing should be operated smoothly and slowly.

If you want to ensure your car is working to its full potential ready during this winter season, at YCC Service Centre we offer a car service that will have your vehicle ready. When you book both a service and MOT  at the same time, we can give you a combination discount. Whether you have an electric or hybrid car, we can provide the service for you.

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