How Has The COVID 19 Pandemic Changed The Way We Eat?

A lot has changed during the pandemic and we have actively adapted to a change in these roles. From working from home and homeschooling, a lot has changed during this past year. One question we are commonly asking ourselves is; has the pandemic changed our eating habits?

Unable to socially eat at bars and restaurants like we used to, many have changed our eating habits as we have more time to focus on ourselves.

Healthy Eating

According to research conducted by consumer experts FMCG Gurus, they asked over 23,000 people how they see their future eating habits. Of these, 72% of Europeans stated they plan to increase their healthy eating habits.

As a result, many suggested they would achieve these habits by increasing their fruit and vegetable intake whilst reducing the amount of sugary and unhealthy foods in their diets.

Home Cooking

With the majority of eateries closed during lockdown, many headed back to the kitchens and excelled at home cooking. On the days we couldn’t treat ourselves to our favourite meal from our favourite restaurant, we instead tried a hand at cooking the meal ourselves and finding our cooking creativity.

This was helped by the numerous cookbooks available and the many cooking tutorial videos businesses within the food industry have conducted through social media to stay connected to their customers.

Changing Habits

Obesity Action Scotland surveyed over 2,000 people seven weeks after the lockdown began. Key findings show a variety of favourable changes in their eating habits:

  • 29% are eating more fruit and vegetables
  • 21% are eating together as a family more
  • A third have increased the amount of indoor physical activity
  • 43% of people in Scotland are cooking from scratch more
  • 44% are eating fewer takeaways

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