Leyland Man Runs 70 Miles To Mark Late Father’s 70th Birthday

Scott Melling ran 70 Miles during February and raised over £500 for Cancer Research in memory of his dad who passed away from cancer 14 years ago.

He took on the challenge of running 56 miles in a month to raise money for the cancer charity.

After completing that early, he carried on running to mark what would have been his dad’s 70th birthday.

Scott took on the challenge to support Cancer Research because of how the disease affected family members close to him:

“After 28 days we’ve finished our 56-mile journey but for a personal challenge, I ran 70 miles. When I was asked to take on this challenge by Tracey Varela, the 1st person I thought of was my dad who passed away through prostate cancer and also a few family members that have passed away through this awful disease, my mum’s sister passed away with pancreatic cancer.

“This gave me the motivation to start running. Tomorrow would have been your 70th birthday dad, 70 miles for 70 years.”

Scott with Tracey Varela

The Leyland man has been making some positive and healthy changes to his life during lockdown by completing boot camps and taking up running.

Due to having asthma, Scott has struggled with running but he has worked hard to overcome that:

“I only started running just before Christmas, I did a boot-camp with a few others that were really good but then Lockdown started again. I’ve got asthma and I wanted to overcome that by doing this challenge.

“Before I couldn’t make it around a basketball court without getting out of breath, after a few months of training, I can now run 5 or 6 miles, without an inhaler as well. For me, it has all been down to breathing technique and keeping my heart rate down whilst running which I could never do in the past.”

You can still donate here to help Scott raise as much as possible for Cancer Research.

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