Chorley Community Group Supporting Addicts Hoping To Secure Own Premises

WatchUsGrow has been helping to feed people in need and is now hoping to have their own building and to become a registered charity.

The community organisation is appealing for donations to help them fund a much needed move into their own building.

The new premises will help them cope better with the rise in demand for their services and allow them to offer more services like counselling and support signposting.

Andrea Horrocks, Founder of WatchUsGrow, explains what the community group has planned:

“We have a premise that we have been to look out which would be ideal and we have reached out to some big funding pots to support us with the rent costs. We have drawn out a plan and now we appealing to local businesses to help us get through the first 12 months. The property is ready, we just need to secure the rent.

“We don’t know how long it could take to secure the lottery funding so rather than wait, we have decided to get the wheels in motion and have reached out to businesses to ask if they can support us with monthly funding so we can set this hub up immediately. The plan is to get up and running as soon as possible, as the need is growing at a rapid pace.”

WatchUsGrow are currently serving meals from St Laurence’s Church, Union Street, Chorley, but they feel it is time to move as the amount of people they are helping continues to rise:

“We are operating from a car park in a church which is not ideal for us, we have a diverse range of people visiting us now because it has taken off so well. We have a lot more support now. We are finding that in the cue for our support, we have drug addicts, people in poverty and families and we feel that we need our own place to be able to properly support these people.

“The building we are planning to move into has space upstairs so we can do counselling and one to one sessions, we already have people qualified to do that. Downstairs will be the community hub and cafe where people can have a meal and a chat with us.

“Amanda Hilton, who is the owner of the Nature Trail Nursery has been volunteering with us and has been such a big supporter for us, we are working together to make WatchUsGrow a registered charity and to get this building secured.”

Moving to a building would allow the community group to deliver these services:

· Food Bank
· Baby Bank
· Signpost to support and professional help
· Hold 1:1
· Counselling rooms
· Nutrition advice
· Fitness instructor
· Personal Care

WatchUsGrow is run by volunteers many of which are former addicts who help each other stay clean but the community group is willing to help anyone in need:

“You don’t need a referral to come to see us, you stand in that cue and it doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from if you are struggling and you need a meal or maybe you need toiletries or your baby needs nappies we are happy to help. we will help anyone in that cue with no questions asked “

If you would like to help WatchUsGrow or would like to know more about the work they do, you can check out their Facebook page here.

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