Luke’s Challenge For St.Catherine’s In Memory Of His Mum Raises Nearly £5K

A Chorley man ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours to raise money for the hospice that cared for his mum before she passed away.

Luke Barrow has raised nearly £5000 for St. Catherine’s Hospice who cared for his mum during her final days before she tragically died of cancer aged 55 in 2019.

He was very determined to give something back to the hospice for the support his mum and his family received:

“My mum passed away from cancer in 2019 at St.Catherine’s and they were absolutely unbelievable in their care for her and us at the time and in the months following. We were always passionate about raising money in memory of mum and I was just waiting for an opportunity and a challenge that was properly worthy of it.

“I started a new job in February and an email went around about this 4x4x48 challenge that is 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours and I thought I’d throw myself into it.

“I ended up raising 4.7k so far with an initial target of 1k and absolutely smashing the challenge in 6hrs 1 min combined. I have so many supportive people and friends around me who have been so generous I’m very lucky!”

Luke admits that the challenge was very physically and mentally draining:

“Getting up in the middle of the night after 2 hours sleep on legs that are hurting a lot and trying to find the motivation was tough. It became more of a mental battle after the first few runs as you had to fight the urge to sleep and eat at the right times and motivate yourself again and again to run those 4 miles!”

After completing his final run, Luke recreated a picture of his mum when she had finished a triathlon:

“I was really emotional when all the money started flowing in after I had finished. I had a picture with the same pose as my mum when I finished the challenge and when she had finished a triathlon she did a year before she passed. Overwhelmed by how many people wanted to support me and my cause.”

Luke was part of a team made up of his work colleagues who all took on the challenge.

Louis Singleton, Sophie Binder, Charlotte Humphries, Mel Houghton, Sam Flanagan, Ross Townsend and Heather Watson all supported each other along the way to raise money for their respective charities.

Together, they have raised just short of £15,000:

“7 other team members at my company Oscar Tech (Manchester) also completed the challenge and raised amazing amounts of money for their special charities! We had a WhatsApp group all weekend and kept supporting each other and it was unbelievable support from all of us.”

You can still donate to help Luke and his team raise as much as possible for their charities, you can check out Luke’s fundraising page here and the team’s page here.

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