Maximize The Performance Of Your Car’s Brakes

One of the most important elements of your car is the brakes. If your brakes are not working to their maximum efficiency, it can cause a serious accident when on the road putting not only you but other drivers in danger.

Recognising what signs to look out for is imperative to become aware of any potential problems or issues arising with your brakes. There are many ways you can maximize your vehicle’s brakes, take a look at how you can improve them with these simple checks.

Your Vehicle’s Speed

Your car’s speed can affect your brakes. The more quickly a car travels, the longer before it stops once the brakes are applied. That’s another reason to keep within the speed limit at any given time. Below are the official braking distances provided by the Highway Code.

Driving at 20 miles per hour allows a 6-metre braking distance. That would more than double to 14 metres if you were driving at 30 miles per hour – and the braking distance can be significantly higher still as a result of the vehicle’s speed.

Your Vehicle’s Tyres

It’s important to regularly check and replace your tyres to keep them in top quality condition. If there are issues with your tyres, it deems your vehicle unsafe to drive on the road as it could result in a serious accident which could easily be avoided.

The quality of your tyres can also affect the braking distance. On the road, the tread depth of your tyres should exceed the legal minimum of 1.6mm. If the tread depth becomes too low, the grooves which are crucial to gripping to the roads will reduce. Also, ensure your tyres have the correct level of pressure as this is another factor that can affect and extend the braking distance.

If you would like your brakes checking, at YCC Service Centre we offer a car service that will have your vehicle working to the best of its ability. When you book both a service and MOT at the same time, they can give you a combination discount.

Whether you have an electric or hybrid car, we can provide a service for you. If you would like to enquire about how we can help, get in touch with our friendly and professional staff today by calling 01772 704704, and we will book your service in no time.

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