Young Stroke Survivor Takes On Fundraising Challenge For NHS Charity

Charlene Carrington will be walking two miles every day during April to give back to the hospital that saved her life when she had a stroke.

On the 24th of July 2019, she suffered a right-sided intracranial bleed causing a stroke aged 23, this meant she needed emergency surgery and intensive care.

Charlene needed physio and rehabilitation for a long time before she was able to walk again.

She now wants to give back and raise some money for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals charity:

“The Neuro team at Royal Preston Hospital saved my life, I received the best treatment. Without the guys at Royal Preston, I would have never have made the recovery I made and received the aftercare I have. They saved my life.”

Suffering from a stroke has completely changed Charlene’s life, it has been a long road to recovery for her:

“It has had a massive effect on everything, the stroke caused me to lose complete mobility so I had to learn to walk and do very basic things again. For a long time, I completely lost my independence and being as active and travelling for work like I did was devastating.

“I was sent to Rakehead Rehabilitation in Burnley where the incredible physios got me walking again, something which I convinced myself was never going to happen.

“Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to return to work which is why I’m so passionate about trying to raise some good money for royal Preston, they saved my life and ill be eternally grateful.”

She admits that going through something so traumatic at such a young age was very tough for her:

“Going through what I’ve been through at such a young age was traumatic to say the least, when you are 23 and you feel untouchable and then you have your mobility taken away its absolutely devastating,

“I struggled to come to terms with things up until recently and I often found myself crying myself to sleep, torturing myself over the fact I couldn’t do anything for myself. I felt so angry at everybody and everything around me. I had to learn to mourn who I was and learn to love the new me.”

She has an uplifting message to share with other stroke survivors about the importance of remaining strong:

“I’d say to other stroke survivors to keep going because there is light at the end of the tunnel. The stroke you had is not what defines who you are now but what simply makes you a warrior. Even on your lowest of days remember how far you’ve come and how much further you’ll continue to go.

“I’d also like to mention that the staff at both Royal Preston and Rakehead had complete faith in me and motivated me completely. They made me feel safe and being in such a critical way its what I needed, my 2a girls at Royal Preston were honestly my angels in disguise. I wouldn’t be here without them and that’s the truth.”

You can donate here to help Charlene raise as much as possible for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals charity.

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