Two Friends Take On 15,000ft Skydive To Support Local Children’s Hospice

Ann Hunt and Emma Hutchinson will be facing their fears and taking on a daring leap from the sky to raise money for Derian House.

The two friends from Chorley are both terrified of heights but will be making the leap from 15,000 ft to support a cause they both want to help.

Ann has been busy since lockdown began supporting worthy causes:

“I’ve been doing jingle all the way for a few years that is organised by Neil Hailwood. A sponsored walk in November to Rivington Pike. During lockdown last year I decided to raise some money by having my long hair shaved off and raised approx £2.5k. I also work with a young man who has raised a heap of money for Derian and who uses their services for respite

Now she has decided to get out of her comfort zone and face her fears:

“Mick Croskery has dared me to do this challenge this year even though I am terrified of heights. I’m excited to be raising money for such a worthy cause but dreading the moment I will be sat at the door of the plane ready to jump. The thought makes me feel queasy but I know I will achieve it. I will be joining the cloud jumpers my kids have said.”

Ann has had plenty of encouragement from her family who have also made the leap:

“I have a son who used to do this when in the army and a daughter in the RAF who has also done it. My eldest daughter and her husband did this for their 7th wedding anniversary to raise money for North West Air Ambulance. I’ve got a lot to live up to. I’d rather have my head shaved again though if I’m honest.”

Emma decided to join Ann so they could take on the skydive together:

“My friend Ann asked me if I wanted to do it with her and I jumped at the chance because it’s such a fantastic charity and I’m hoping to raise as much as I can for the children. I am quite nervous, I haven’t done anything like this before in my life. I don’t even like rollercoasters.”

They have both been working hard to secure as many donations as they can for the children’s hospice, together they have already nearly raised over £2000.

Emma was blown away when she quickly surpassed her original target:

“I just can’t believe how much I have raised. The original target was £450 so to do over £1000 has been amazing I’m completely overwhelmed. We have 2 restaurants in Chorley so I have been pestering the life out of our customers to sponsor me and I haven’t finished yet.”

You can donate to Ann’s fundraiser here and to Emma’s here to help the two friends raise as much as possible for Derian House.

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