Animal Rehoming Organisation Appealing For Donations To Help Save Two Foster Dogs

Patterdale & Lakeland Terrier Rehome UK need support to pay for vet bills for Twinkle and Sparkle, two foster dogs who need life saving operations.

Carol Culshaw, from Preston, is the Deputy CEO of a Not for Profit Organisation called Patterdale & Lakeland Terrier Rehome UK.

She created a fundraiser after the organisation took in two Patterdale Terriers called Twinkle and Sparkle.

Twinkle needs an operation to remove a lump which could be very serious:

“Twinkle and Sparkle were brought to our attention after their owner was desperate to find them home due to illness and recovering also from long covid. With the help of our volunteers, we managed to take them to safe foster homes.

“One of our volunteers noticed that Twinkle had lumps on her teets so we knew we needed to get her to a vet to have them checked out. Twinkle also has a golf ball lump on her elbow which is being removed tomorrow,

“At this stage, we do not know how serious these lumps are and she cannot have the mammary tumours removed until she has recovered from this first op and any treatment. we set up the Gofundme to assist with Twinkles vet bills.”


There was a great initial response to the fundraiser as it raised over £1000 in a few days.

Unfortunately, Sparkle needed an emergency operation to save her life which was very expensive:

“However, 2 weeks ago, Sparkle was visiting the vets and they found a huge lump in her tummy. She didn’t look well that day and they called me to say she needed operating on fast or she would not last the weekend. So the funds we had raised for Twinkles care had to be used to save Sparkle’s life.

“She had a mass in her tummy that was strangling her intestine and bladder and it would have killed her in a few days – she was very lucky. Results for her tumour came back okay so she is now on the road to recovery.”

Now more fundraising is needed to ensure both dogs have a chance at a full recovery and a new home:

“Sparkle’s bills alone have been almost £1500, Twinkles are going to be much much higher, but we want to do everything to help her. The support from everyone has been immense,

“We raised £1000 in a couple of days which was incredible but all the funds so far have been used for Sparkle. We really need Twinkle to recover and have the best start in life and find her new home too and be healthy.”

You can donate here to help raise as much as possible to save Twinkle and Sparkle. For any more information about the work the Patterdale and Lakeland Terrier Rehome UK does, you can check out their website here.

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