Chorley Homeless Charity Appeals For Donations To Secure New Premises

Chorley Help The Homeless has seen a big rise in demand for it’s services and now is asking for support to help move into a new larger premises.

The charity is currently based at Dorothy House on Clifford Street in Chorley.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Help The Homeless has been busier than ever and the number of people they are supporting has seen a sharp rise.

Ken Phillips, Chair Of Trustees at Chorley Help The Homeless, explains why a move to a bigger premises is needed:

“We are based out of a small terraced house and we have just outgrown it, we have been doing so much more work this year that we had to find new premises. Both in terms of the usual visitors we get and also we have used our expertise to help the wider community.

“We are now reaching out to families who are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic and that is part of a collaborative effort from organisations across Chorley.”

There is a lack of space in their current building, Dorothy House, the charity hopes that the new building will allow them the space to have a Drop-in Centre:

“One of the problems at the moment is that there is nowhere for us to properly interact with our clients, to be able to talk to them about their problems and establish any underlying factors that we might be
able to help with.

“Notwithstanding COVID-19 restrictions, our plans for our new premises are to include a Drop-In Centre where we can sit with our clients over a cup
of tea and chat with them, to find out more about their concerns, priorities and aspirations.”

There are many benefits to moving into a new building for the charity, it will allow them to expand their clothing bank to help more people:

“Our Clothing Bank is very popular with our clients who are unable to afford new clothing. This facility has been limited up to now due to the size
of our premises but our new location will allow us to expand our stocks and enable us to supply children’s clothing which we haven’t been able
to do up to now.”

The charity has also started an initiative to give out food vouchers to families in need to use on the Chorley market:

“With this work that we are doing with families, we don’t expect that to decline any time soon, the impact of the pandemic is going to last quite a long time. We are now introducing food vouchers for the market in Chorley which is something we are really proud of.

“Because of our small premises, we haven’t been able to store fresh food. We spoke to fresh food stallholders at the market and around seven agreed to be a part of it. We give out food vouchers for which people can then take to the market and get anything from pies, fresh vegetables, meats and cheese.

“The stallholders are paid back for any vouchers they receive so it has really taken off because it is supporting the market which is always good and helps the local economy.”

You can donate here to help Chorley Help The Homeless raise enough money for a new premises, for any more information about the work that the charity does, you can check out their website here.

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