Joshua Completes Gruelling 24-Hour Challenge In Memory Of His Grandad

A Chorley man walked for 24 hours straight to raise money for the hospice that cared for his grandad before he sadly passed away.

Joshua Swindells wanted to show his gratitude to St.Catherine’s Hospice for the care and support his grandad, Granville Bell, received last year.

He set off at 6 am on 20th March and walked non-stop through the hills of Rivington, White Coppice, Brinscall Woods, Great Hill and Darwen Tower before finishing at 6 am the next day.

He took on the challenge to give something back to the Lancashire hospice:

“So my grandfather passed away last year, and he spent his final days in the hospice, and my family was so grateful for the service that the hospice provided I thought it was only fair to kind of give something back to them to show our gratitude towards them.”

Joshua admits that the 24-hour hike was even tougher than he thought it would be:

“The challenge was a lot harder than I anticipated, but I had a lot of support from my local rugby teammates and they pushed me to ensure it was a maximum effort. The final 10 miles were the most painful 10 miles I’ve ever done, from sores on my feet to my legs feeling like jelly due to constant inclines.”

At the time of writing, the Chorley man has raised £1,538, absolutly smashing past his original target of £250.

He was blown away seeing how much support he got, not just with donations but friends helping him along the way:

“The support I received was humbling, I initially only set out to reside £250 as this was my first charity event, so to raised 1.5k was incredible. Not only the donations but I constantly had people messaging to see if we needed supplies or anything, one of the boys even drove to the bottom of one of the hills with a few coffees for me and my mate who was doing the night shift with me.

“I always had someone with me, one of my mates did the first 12 hours then my other mate did the final 12 hours. The visibility at night up the hills was crazy, we couldn’t see more than 5 meters in front, just a head torch light and a guess where the path was!”

You can still donate here to help Joshua raise as much as possible for St.Catherine’s Hospice.

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