Amy’s Army Raises Over £10,000 For Rosemere Chemotherapy Unit

Amy Mills and her army collectively walked the distance of the Great Wall Of China and then back to Rosemere to raise money for the cancer unit.

The Preston woman wanted to mark the anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis by fundraising for the cancer unit that treated her.

She was joined by over 500 people with the goal of collectively walking or running the distance of the Great Wall Of China.

Amy had no idea how many people would join in to help reach the target:

“It was just incredible, when I first put the post out there, I honestly thought it would just be my close family and friends getting involved and we would be walking all the time to try and get the steps in. It just snowballed and people that I didn’t even know wanted to get involved.

“It was such a nice feeling that they didn’t know but they had been touched by my story and what I’ve been posting, it’s been lovely. It’s a really positive thing to come from something so negative.”

Amy’s Army was so strong that they completed the distance early and then walked the distance back to Rosemere with time to spare:

“We hit the wall about a week ago, the length of the wall is 21,196 KM but so many people were getting miles in and joining along so I thought it would be such a shame to stop it now when people are so motivated especially with us being in lockdown as it has given some people a lot of focus.

“We decided to then walk from the wall back to me Rosemere which was 8,257 KM which we reached on Tuesday.”

At the time of writing, Amy’s Gofundme page has raised £10,375 for Rosemere Chemotherapy Unit.

She couldn’t believe just how much was raised and was happy at the thought of the difference it could make for the cancer unit:

“That was just such a shocker, I have been speaking with a couple of people at Rosemere who organise the fundraising and on my first email I said that I was aiming to raise £1000 and at the moment we are nearly at £10,500 on the fundraising page and I’ve got around £1500 in cash donations.

“It’s incredible, I just can’t believe how much money has been raised. I know a lot of people fundraise for Rosemere but I don’t know how many say that they actually want it to go to the Chemotherapy Unit so I think they will be able to use it to get something really worthwhile.”

Amy hopes that her army can do some more fundraising in the future and that they can all meet up in person once restrictions are lifted:

“Definitely, there are over 500 people in the group so it would be such a shame not to do another fundraiser. Breast Cancer Awareness month is October so maybe have a bit of a break and come back then.

“It would be really nice to do something in person and get everyone together as it has all been virtual up to now.”

You can still donate here to help Amy’s Army raise as much as possible for Rosemere Chemotherapy Unit.

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