Preston Man Returns To Schools He Was Excluded From To Promote Self Help Book

Rickeem Ricardo struggled during his time at school but he is now hoping to return to those schools to share his success story and help others.

The Preston man founded his own personal, mindset and youth development organisation called Achievable Ways Of Living.

He has released a Self-Help book called ‘Thoughts On A Page’ based on mindset, mental health, self-reflection and aspirations.

Rickeem is passionate about returning to the two schools he was excluded from to help children who may be going through a similar experience that he had:

“I was kicked out of two schools in Preston and will be returning to those schools with books to hand out to students who may be disengaged and struggling to handle the pressure of today’s influences.

“The two schools I will be targeting are Corpus Christi and Christ the king. I have not yet contacted the schools but they are the two schools I didn’t have the greatest experiences with as I was excluded from both. So now to be able to return with a story of success and give back to other young people is something I am extremely passionate about.”

He was disenfranchised with how his life was going and wanted to make a change so embarked on a new life:

“I was working at James hall in Preston (2015) and decided there is more out there in life for me to experience and achieve. I handed in my notice and embarked on a journey of personal development.

“The places this journey has taken me is phenomenal. It has seen me inspire many people not just in Preston but across the country and internationally. In 2019 I then took up the decision to move to London and test my skills in a whole new environment and it’s proving to be a successful decision.”

Since leaving his job at James Hall, he has travelled the world and found his calling which is helping young people achieve their dreams:

“My journey hasn’t always been this positive but through developing the right mindset and pushing outside my comfort zone, I’ve achieved goals I thought were impossible.

“The process of setting up my own organisation came from doing work with young people in Barcelona, Brazil, Liverpool, Blackburn, Manchester and Preston. I realised there is a lot for me to pass on, give back and share with the world. Through my brand is how I get my message across.”

For any more information about the work Achievable Ways Of Living does, you can check out their website here, you can purchase Rickeem’s book here.

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