Sponsor A Cat To Support Animal Sanctuary Hit By Lack Of Fundraising

The Noah’s Ark Cat Rescue & Sanctuary that cares for cats with behavioural and medical problems that cant find homes is appealing for support.

The Tarleton sanctuary has been hit hard during the pandemic by lack of fundraising as they are self funded with the help of supporters.

Julie Tattler founded Noah’s Ark with her partner, John Wareing, it keeps them both very busy as they both have other jobs to pay the bills:

“We started 11 years ago, it began with a few problematic cats which I brought home and we built some pens and we kind of just blinked and before we knew we had a full time rescue.

“It has been hard and it started where John and I completely funded it ourselves. We both work two jobs each, I’m a hairdresser and a carer and John is a coach driver and he has a perfume business and we did for a few years on our own but it just got harder and harder. We had a great person come on board to help with fundraisers and it has just grown from there.”

They run the sanctuary from their own home so it is always very busy as they also care for around 30 chickens, 4 geese, 4 ducks and 2 dogs:

“We always have around 25 sanctuary cats that live permanently with us. The ones we keep are the ones that can’t find homes, they have behavioural or medical problems that need constant vet bills.

“I love all animals but we took in cats because it’s easier to manage, when you go into dog rescue it means having to walk them whilst cats are more self-sufficient, it’s still a full-time job.”

“We never intended for it to get this big, we’ve also got chickens, geese and ducks. Not everywhere will take those animals but everything we’ve got is rescued animals.”

The sanctuary has started a sponsorship program to help bring in some more donations:

“We’ve got a fabulous lady that has just started a sponsorship program for supporters to sponsor the sanctuary cats and they get a newsletter and a key ring.

“I’ve got so many ideas but there just isn’t enough time, I have to work to pay the bills but Cathy has been brilliant and it seems like people are coming on board for it.”

Noah’s Ark has been hit by a lack of fundraising during the pandemic, they do not receive any Government or lottery funding and have to fund everything by themselves:

“We usually have around four fundraisers a year so we have lost out in the pandemic. We also have food bins in supermarkets but more people are shopping online so we aren’t getting the same amount of food donations from that. We do fear that it could get worse because of the effects of the pandemic and people losing their jobs.”

For any more information about Noah’s Ark Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and how you can help, check out their website here and their Facebook page here.

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