Mental Health Fundraiser Completes 40-Mile Run For Spire and Papyrus

Nick Davis has raised over £2000 for the mental health charities by running 40 miles in just under five hours.

The Preston man is a former addict who wanted to take on the fundraising challenge because he is passionate about helping others who are struggling.

Nick was feeling nervous before starting the run but he had plenty of people cheering him on:

“In the lead up to the run 48 hours before I began my “carb-up” which was getting plenty of calories in for the event but due to being nervous, it made it very very difficult to eat the amount required.

“On the day of the run I was a mixture of excitement and nerves but seeing everyone come to support me really had a positive impact and I knew everyone was routing for me and I was determined to get it done even if I had to crawl to the finish line.”

He is an avid runner and was not far off completing a sub three hour marathon run:

“I almost ran a sub-3-hour marathon which I missed out on by 56 seconds, so I’m a bit gutted about that as if I set off quicker I’d of got a sub-3-hour marathon. The first 27 miles I found quite enjoyable. After that, it was so so tough.

“I met my friends at the Queens pub in Lytham and they really helped me get to the finish line. At one point I got a stitch and I went to draw breath and I couldn’t catch it and that made me stumble but they got me some water and I was able to continue.”

Nick lost some time having a toilet break but still managed to finish the challenge in five hours:

“I was very happy with my time, considering I also had to run into a garage for the toilet and I didn’t stop my watch and also I ran just a bit further than 40 miles in 5 hours exactly so it works out that I ran it in sub 5 hours which I’m amazed at.

“The last 10 miles seemed to take forever as my pace had come right down as I went out and ran the first 27-28 miles very quick. The support of everyone cheering at the stops really pushed me on.”

He was overwhelmed by how much money was raised for causes very close to his heart:

“I’m over the moon with how much we’ve raised I think we’re approaching 3 grand now which is a great amount and I’m just happy everyone has supported me and the causes. I’m so proud of everyone. Roll on the next.”

You can still donate here to help Nick raise as much as possible for Papyrus and Spire.

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