Cancer Charity Launches ‘Heart of Hope’ Campaign to Raise Much-Needed Funds

CancerHelp Preston is hoping to make up for a lack of fundraising by launching a campaign promoting hope in 2021.

The cancellation of fundraising events and closure of its charity shops meant that 2020 was a very tough year for the cancer charity.

The charity only receives 8% of its funding from the NHS and relies on fundraising for the remaining 92%.

They took to social media to announce the 2021 fundraising campaign:

“At CancerHelp Preston we are feeling hopeful that our support groups will soon be able to meet again, more therapies will be able to take place face-to-face and more people dealing with a cancer diagnosis will feel able to reach out for support.

“Our shops are now reopening, more staff are coming back into the support centres and along with this step forward, our waiting lists are growing which shows us how much our services are needed. Too many people have had surgeries cancelled due to the pandemic and many others have not felt safe coming forward during these difficult times.”

The charity has been working hard to provide support during the pandemic:

“CancerHelp Preston is doing all it can to work through the waiting lists and to support everyone who needs us. Our therapists are also learning new skills and want to provide a peripheral neuropathy clinic (to help manage some of the effects of chemotherapy) and a scar management service.

“As always our biggest challenge is financing these services and we cannot do this with our wonderful supporters. So today we are launching the ‘Heart of Hope’ campaign to help us raise funds at a time when people are still not able to set up their own fundraisers.”

The campaign promotes hope in 2021 and how we can get back to normal:

“In 2021 we are all hoping to get back to some kind of normal – whatever that is going to look like. But for charities such as CancerHelp, the struggle to raise funds still continues. Sponsored walks, fundraising afternoon teas and anything that involves a social gathering all seem a long way off still.

“2021 is about Hope and with your help we will keep on getting stronger, providing more and newer services, supporting more cancer clients and their families and doing what we do best.”

For any more information about the ‘Heart of Hope’ campaign and how you can help, check out their fundraising page here.

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