Preston Girls Take On Captain Tom 100 Walking Challenge For Hospice

Jasmine and Maddi are walking 100 miles during April to raise money for St.Catherine’s Hospice.

The two young girls from Penwortham have taken on a 100-mile walking challenge to raise money for the local hospice in memory of Sir Captain Tom.

They would like to complete the challenge on the 30th April as this would of been Sir Tom’s 101st birthday and the 1st anniversary of his 100 lap challenge.

Jasmine’s mum, Emma, explains why the girls wanted to take on the walking challenge:

“They had been learning about Captain Tom at school and then we were talking about why he was so popular and all the circumstances with Covid, helping others and supporting good causes.

“I work for St.Catherine’s so of course when events were happening, Jasmine would come with me. Jasmine came to me and said that she and Maddi had been chatting and decided that they wanted to do some fundraising.”

The two friends have been very determined from the get-go and they both decided that they wanted to walk 100 miles:

“I asked her what she wanted to do expecting a small challenge like 100 push-ups or star jumps but they said they wanted to walk 100 miles.

“I was surprised at first but they have stuck to it every day, they have been going out after school and doing two to four miles and they actually did six miles yesterday.”

The challenge hasn’t been easy but the promise of a nice treat when they finish has kept them going:

“There has been a few days when they were more tired and not as motivated, they both love McDonald’s so to make it a real test they have given it up until the challenge is done.

“I’ve promised them a three-course Mcdonald meal as a treat when they finish so they are really determined to get it done as fast as possible.”

You can donate here to help Jasmine and Maddi raise as much as possible for St.Catherine’s Hospice.

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