Former England Strong-Man Competitor Climbing Ben Nevis For Neo-Natal Charity

Chris Wilding will be taking on the UK’s highest mountain to raise funds for Baby Beat for the care he and his wife received during pregnancy.

The Preston man is a former England strong-man competitor who is swapping the weights for cardio to prepare the gruelling task.

The 31-year-old decided to set himself the challenge for Baby Beat after the antenatal care his wife, Heather received at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

“The idea came about to raise money for the Baby Beat Appeal as myself and my wife have personal experience of receiving the devastating news that pregnancy is not developing as is hoped and the support and care we received and continue to receive at the hospital is incredible,

“Luckily our baby is going to be well and healthy but it left me thinking that I can not imagine how it must feel if that is not the case. I discovered Baby Beat at our difficult time and decided that this is a cause that I want to support to help families as much as possible.

“With all the current difficulties we are all experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic it has never been as important as it is now to look after each other and especially our most vulnerable and those that can not look after themselves.”

Chris admits that this will be a tough test for him and this kind of challenge is very much out of his comfort zone:

“Anybody who knows me will know that cardio is not my thing and this challenge will push me beyond my comfort zone. Heather’s pregnancy was an anxious time for us as a family, but we are so fortunate to have safely delivered our healthy baby girl Riven.

“The antenatal care Heather received until Riven was born was kind, caring, and compassionate and this challenge is a way of saying thank you to all of the incredible hospital staff who cared for my family and to help support future families.”

You can donate here to help Chris raise as much as possible for Baby Beat.

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