The Run Fest Keeping Penwortham Residents Connected During Lockdown

The Penwortham Run Fest is a charity campaign which started in December 2020 and has been getting residents active whilst supporting local causes.

The virtual event was started as a way of keeping Penwortham residents connected and staying active during lockdown whilst supporting local charties.

Together, they had a goal of running or walking as many miles as possible throughout the year so they could have collectively covered the distance it would take to get the Run Fest mascot, Pax the Panda, home to his beloved Penny the Panda.

This week, Pax is on his way to Bangkok, and to reach his destination by Friday, together they need to get in 411 miles.

Emma Jacovelli, who is part of the organising team behind the Run Fest, explains what they have planned to celebrate Pax completing his journey:

“We are hoping to have Penny and Pax reunite in a live event in September. We have mapped out a 10K route and called it the ‘Heart Of Penwortham’.

“We had planned a two-day event where we would have a massive street party with local businesses involved to give them a boost because the Penwortham Gala won’t be returning until next year but the more we looked into it, it just wasn’t feasible at this moment in time.

“We are just keeping it to the event on the Sunday. Penny will be there on the day and after the run, Pax will have completed his journey and the pandas will be reunited.

The organisers behind the Run Fest have worked hard to use it as a chance to keep the community connected whilst in lockdown:

“We have been trying to do extra things to keep the community connected, when it was Easter Weekend, we did a scavenger hunt for the children which they could download online,

“Then on the Monday, Penny went and delivered eggs to the children that took part. It’s just simple fun things to put a smile on peoples faces and get them outside and active.”

You can check out the Run Fest Facebook page here, they regularly post updates on where Pax has travelled to.

You can donate to the fundraising page here to help them raise as much as possible for St. Catherine’s, NF1, Lancashire Mind and Baby Beat.

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