Friends Raise Nearly £15,000 For Chorley Man Diagnosed With MND

George Melling was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in January 2021 so his friends decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks to support him.

Stewart Boocock has been friends with George since they were both very young, he helped organise the Three Peaks challenge.

Stewart and a group of George’s friends got together to raise money to him and his family after hearing about his diagnosis:

“George got diagnosed with MND a few months back and as a group of mates, we got together to do something for him. Because of the type of disease he’s got, we wanted to raise money for his family.

“We came up with the idea of the Yorkshire Three Peaks where we would carry his bodyweight in stretchers, it just grew from there and we had a lot of people wanting to help.”

30 of George’s friends got together to take on the Three Peaks challenge.

Stewart admits they underestimated just how tough it would be:

“We completed it last Friday and did it in record time. It was difficult, we got a bit too cocky and flew by the first two mountains and had a beer but what we forgot was that between the second and third mountain, it is a nine-mile flat road then you’ve got to deal with the third mountain.

“We had a lot of people struggling at that point and only probably had about 12 lads carry the stretcher.”

George and his family were waiting to congratulate the group at the finish line:

“it was unbeliveable, we walked into the campsite that we were staying at and George and all his family were there clapping us and there was a real sense of achievment. Throughout the day, the money just kept going up and up.

“We are nearly at £15,000 and our first target was £5000 and we thought we’d do well to get to that. That is what spurred us on, there was one donation of £1000. Every time we saw all those donations coming in we felt like we couldn’t let them down.”

You can still donate here to help the group raise as much as possible for George and his family.

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