Addiction Group Secures New Building With Hope Of Becoming Registered Charity

WatchUsGrow, a community group in Chorley, will be moving into their own building which will allow them to offer more support to those in need.

The group recently appealed for support as they had outgrown their original premises which is outside of St Laurence’s Church in Chorley.

Andrea Horrocks, Founder of WatchUsGrow, is excited at the prospect of what the new building could mean for the future of the group:

“We’ve signed the lease and we get the keys of the 1st June but we decided not to open until 21st June because hopefully Covid restrictions will have been lifted by then.

“That will give us three weeks to sit down and plan how it will work and so we can map out a timetable of what we will be offering to the community. We will be paying the first six months of the rent for the building upfront then we will start the process of applying to become a registered charity.”

Andrea was very grateful for the support the group has received along the way:

“Amanda from the Nature Trail Nursery has been working with us, she will be working with parents to help with issues like getting their children into nurseries and schools or applying for free lunches for them, so that is a good asset for us, she will also be donating £200 a month towards the running costs.

“Taylor’s Estates in Preston also came forward and offered to help, they will be giving £100 a month which is amazing for us. Once we open up, we will be applying for funding pots or for anyone else that can support us.”

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WatchUsGrow has lived up to its name and has continued to get bigger, offering support to more and more people in need each week:

“It started with making a meal for the homeless and helping people in addiction but within the last 12 months we upped our game and the cue on a Saturday has just kept going and now reaches right around the corner of the Church.

“All these people in the cue are struggling for whatever reason, once we open our doors, we can invite them in and sit down with them to talk about their problems.

“We have 50 volunteers who are already in recovery and we act as a network to help each other and we can use that experience to come up with new ideas on the best way to support people.”

If you would like to help WatchUsGrow or would like to know more about the work they do, you can check out their Facebook page here.

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