The Preston Dad Raising Awareness Of Young Suicide In Memory Of His Late Son

Lyndon Eaves is organising a charity walk on the anniversary of his son’s death to raise awareness of the prevention of young suicide.

Tom died of suicide on the 18th June 2020, his father is now hoping to raise money for Papyrus and Lancashire Mind to help prevent other families from going through such a tragic loss:

“On the 18th of June, Tom did the unthinkable and ended his life leaving us all behind in total shock, bewilderment and heartbroken. We all miss Tom but we can honour his memory by helping others going through hell and families who have been through this.

“He took his life 11 months ago due to COVID as he was a chef and he lost his job, it is just like a blur to us at the moment. It has totally changed me as a person.

“It is still a struggle just thinking about it. He has a younger sister who is 14 and a brother who is 23 and it has been so tough on them. One of my best friends since my childhood also took his life the year before.”

Tom with his girlfriend and child

Lyndon has chosen two charities which work to support young people’s mental health in the hope of helping to prevent other people having to cope with the loss of a young family member:

“I am organising a charity walk for Papyrus and Mind, we chose those as they help young people with mental health issues, I don’t want another family going through what we have had to.

“I have been in touch with other families who have gone through something similar, I am good friends with people who have lost sons of a similar age. It is still very hard at the moment, no family should have to go through this.”

You can donate here to help Lyndon raise as much as possible for Papyrus and Lancashire Mind.

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