Mother Shares Tragic Loss Of Her Son In A Swimming Accident To Raise Awareness

A mother has shared the tragic story of losing her son after he went swimming during hot weather.

Rebecca Ramsay has spoken with Chorley Police about losing her son Dylan nine years ago, after he went swimming in open water.

Dylan was just a young teen when he sadly passed away.

His mother said, “this can happen to anyone”.

She added, “One rule would keep people safe, ‘if there is no lifeguard, no swimming.'”

A Chorley Police spokesman said:

“To Chorley and the surrounding areas. We know and understand that it’s sweltering heat at the moment but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t put your life at risk by going open water swimming.

“Here’s Rebecca Ramsay’s heartbreaking story when she tragically lost her son Dylan.

“This week and throughout the weekend Chorley Police and partner agencies will be paying close attention to the known hot spot areas.”

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