Preston Bus Scraps Exact Fare Policy

Following customer feedback, Preston Bus is permanently scrapping its exact fare policy for customers starting from Monday 26th July. Currently, passengers using the services either have to pay using exact change or face being overcharged, as no change is given using these services.

This announcement follows new improvement of Preston Bus services to help encourage passengers since Freedom day.

The exact fare policy had a negative impact on customers, who chose not to travel with the bus service. reston Bus Managing Director, Bob Dunn, said: “I am pleased to have acted on this feedback, which we have received loud and clear from our customers.’’

‘’We are currently in the process of fitting equipment to buses to allow us to give change and will shortly be commencing the removal of the cash vaults, which were introduced when conductors were removed from the services. From Monday, our drivers will be ready and willing to issue change whenever required.”

The maximum £2 fare within Preston will also apply to the new service, so travelling through Preston is now cheaper.

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