Vibrant Modern Restaurant Offers Amazing 20% Discount Off Food

Located on a wonderful corner of Fylde Road, Taboosh is a spacious, vibrant modern restaurant offering a delicious selection of Middle Eastern foods, specialising in authentic Lebanese and Syrian cuisine. Famous for not only their food, they’re also an established shisha bar, so you can relax and unwind after enjoying your meals.

We recently had the pleasure to review the succulent variety of foods at this popular restaurant, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with welcoming and excellent service from the start. Taking in the comfortable, tranquil surroundings, including an elegant waterfall feature, we certainly understood why this is a stand out eatery for many customers.

The chef created delicate starters with intense flavours for us to indulge. This included classic hummus, muhammara, lamb samosas and cheese borek; delicacies of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Packed with a delicate combination of flavours and rich spices, this variation can be enjoyed by many with a refined palette. The stand outs of these dishes were certainly the lamb samosas and the cheese borek; which features an exciting and powerful melted cheese middle with a crispy exterior texture. Combined with the cold dips available, it was incredibly enjoyable and the perfect start for the evening meal.

There is a delectable choice of traditional main dishes available, those for the lovers of spice, and for others who prefer a milder taste. The manager kindly suggested a sharing platter filled with a divine choice of meats to fully enjoy the flavours their highly experienced chef offers.

Taboosh are certainly not shy when it comes to portion sizes, a hugely positive aspect in our eyes. The impressive platter features a host of popular meats including grilled chicken, lamb, and crispy chicken wings, accompanied with chips, rice and a range of delicious sauces including garlic mayo and grilled chilli. These stunning sauces enhanced the flavour of every bite; a must to try with your main dish.

The presentation was fantastic, it certainly shows they are passionate about their foods. The flavours throughout were incredible. The chargrilled chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked, with the chargrilled effect adding a delicious intense flavouring – this was by far our favourite of the platter.

The succulent lamb was cooked perfectly, and combined with the succulent sauces, created a wonderful dish to satisfy your palette. Even the chips were perfectly crunchy on the outside and delicately soft on the inside. They take pride with every food delivered on your plate, and this clearly shows.

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the dishes we experienced. But it didn’t stop there. Taboosh is famous for one more thing; their gorgeous desserts.

Also we waited a little longer than we would have liked, the dessert was certainly worth the wait.

A famous syrian dessert, it includes baklava and babusa, two of the favourites within this delicious cuisine. Served hot, they both featured surprising fluffy soft textures combined with flaky, crunchy pastry – the perfect mix.

Packed full of rich flavours, it’s the perfect end to a wonderful 3-course dinner. Taboosh is certainly a haven of Preston many should visit. We will certainly be enjoying their cuisine again.

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