A Chorley Mum Launches Petition For E-Scooter Ban After Terrifying Collision With Daughter

A Chorley mum has launched a petition to make it a criminal offence to use an e-scooter in a public park, after a collision with her 5-year-old daughter.

Naomi Moazzeny was visiting a park in London on August 13th when her daughter who has complicated health issues was hit by an e-scooter rider.

Naomi said:

“I believe that for safety reasons using an e-scooter in public parks, where helpless and defenceless children and elderly people have no way of moving out of their way, should not be allowed.

“My 5-year-old little girl was hit by an electric scooter in St. James Park in London and required 3 ambulances, 2 polices cars, and hospital treatment.

“My daughter has had to fight for her life from early on in my pregnancy, she has a rare and complex cardiac condition and for something like this to happen to her tiny little frame just breaks my heart to think her outcome could have been a lot worse!”

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