Can you use a mobility scooter if you are not disabled?

You can drive a mobility scooter only if you have problems walking due to injury, physical impairment, or medical condition. Someone capable of using a mobility scooter may in certain circumstances, such if they show a vehicle before it is sold, instruct a disabled user, or take the vehicle to or from maintenance or repair.

Various mobility scooter kinds

When you hire a mobility scooter, there are two different mobility scooter categories. Class 2 mobility scooters (except when there is no floor) are not suitable for usage on the road, with a maximum speed of 4 mi/h. You don’t have to register for this type of mobility scooter. Class 3 mobility scooters can be operated on roads, with a maximum speed of 4 miles per second, and 8 miles per second on the highway. You must be 14 or more to operate an invalid carriage of class 3.

Are mobility scooters on roads permitted?

Yes! Some mobility scooters on the highway – are legal road scooters of class 3. These scooters can travel up to 8 mph — any scooter faster is considered illegal. Road scooters must be fitted with lights, reflectors, indicators, and danger warning lights. Efficient braking systems, a horn, and a rearview mirror are also needed. You could be stopped by the authorities if your road scooter does not have all the required features in good operating order.

Owners have to register and insure them. A driving license is not essential, but everyone who does not drive a car should be given basic training. There are a number of road safety courses throughout the country, some run by independent groups and insurance firms. Some police centers offer free training, and a directory of training courses is provided by the Road Safety Knowledge Center. The minimum age for a mobility scooter is 14.

Do drivers have to demonstrate that they have a physical limitation before they bag a scooter?

According to, a mobility scooter can only drive those with problems walking due to an injury, physical handicap, or a medical condition.

There are some exceptions for those with skills who could use them if they show the car before it is sold, train a disabled user or take the car to or from maintenance.

Regardless of these facts, they seem to be attractive to certain people who have no medical need for them, as the parliamentary discussion has recognized. According to a mobility specialist located in Hull, this is still a dangerous area, as anyone may buy or hire one, without infringing the law.

At what age do I need to drive a scooter for mobility?

Mobility scooters can be a very beneficial addition to the life of someone who has mobility problems, but there are age limits to ensure that individuals on the streets or pavement can be safe and responsible for the driving of a scooter.

To operate an invalid carriage of class 3, i.e. a powerful mobile scooter, you must be at least 14 years old as compared to a manual wheelchair.

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