New Funding Will Provide A Special Pregnancy Loss Counselling Room At Royal Preston Hospital

New funding has converted a room in the Gynaecology Assessment Unit to support grieving parents.

The room will offer more comfort and privacy to parents who have suffered a miscarriage.

A Royal Preston Hospital spokesman said:

“Going through the loss of a pregnancy is difficult at any time, but it can be made much worse when the news has to be broken in a busy, clinical environment.

“Previously, the Gynaecology Assessment Unit here at RPH incorporated an Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, which consisted of just two clinical rooms, and lacked comfort and privacy – it was a far from ideal place to break bad news to families.

“Following an application from Gynaecology Matron David Styles, Baby Beat have funded the development of a special pregnancy loss counselling room, at a cost of just under £8,000.

“The room was converted from an existing refreshment bay that was no longer required, and the new space was developed with the wellbeing of the parents at the forefront of the plans. The new room allows women and their partners a safe, calming space to grieve their loss, receive counselling, and discuss their next steps.”

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