98-Year-Old Preston Woman Knits 600th Poppy

A Preston woman, whose husband served in five war zones, has just finished knitting her 600th poppy in six years in support of the British Legion’s Remembrance Day.

Famous for her knitting, ex-seamstress Violet Fortt, 98, has knitted 100 poppies each year, all of which sold immediately in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Her many poppies have also been given to The Moorings Retirement Home at Lytham.

She says: ”I started before the war when people were evacuated. Things were just all over the place at that time. Then I was sent to needle school as a teenager where I first learned ladies’ bespoke tailoring.”

“I have done so much in my life, I have had an amazing marriage and knitting these poppies is something that just keeps me going and I do it every year. It is wonderful.”

She does this work in memory of her late husband, Dalton Fortt, who fought as a Chindit in Burma during WW2.

Violet was also injured by a bomb blast in WW2 which blasted open a door affecting the right side of her face.

She said: “The war was a really rough time for us all. My husband was sent to five warzones in the war, including in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Northern and South Africa. When he came back he was a wreck and never really got better throughout his life.”

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