Preston Cancer Survivor Raises Money for Cancer Charities Who Cared for Her

Preston midwife, Bev Small, has been raising money for charity through her passion for her VW van.

In April 2016, Bev was diagnosed with breast cancer while completing her midwifery degree.

Initially told it was at an early stage, further tests revealed it was at stage three, a more advanced tumour, meaning Bev had to undergo chemotherapy, followed by surgery and radiotherapy at Rosemere Cancer Centre.

Nearly at the end of her treatment, her partner Darren bought a VW van for them, with the plan transforming it into a camper van.

Bev said: “I knew nothing about it, but Darren said my diagnosis had highlighted life was short and it was important for us to get out, enjoy ourselves and make memories.”

The couple took regular breaks in the van during Bev’s treatment.

Five years after her diagnosis, Bev and Darren still regularly go on adventures in their camper van, visiting the Outer Hebrides, Wales, the East Coast and Cornwall.

The couple joined the Dubz Outlaws, a group of VW campervan and van enthusiasts throughout the UK, who hold regular meets and shows to offer tips and advice and also raise money for charity.

Before Christmas, a get-together was held at Haslingden’s Winfields and £1,270 was raised through a raffle and refreshments. Bev will be donating the proceeds to Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Now.

Bev said: “I owe my life to the treatment and care I received at Rosemere Cancer Centre and the Central Lancashire Breast Unit. I am also very keen to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of regularly checking yourself, which is why I want to share the funds.”

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